Effects of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on injured skeletal muscle

Camila S. Montalti Natália V. C. K. L. Souza Natália C. Rodrigues Kelly R. Fernandes Renata L. Toma Ana C. M. Renno About the authors


Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) has been shown to stimulate tissue metabolism and accelerate muscle healing. However, the optimal parameters in the use of LIPUS are still not clear.


The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of LIPUS on muscle healing in rats subjected to a cryolesion.


Twenty rats were divided into the following groups: an injured control group (CG) and an injured treated group (TG). Both groups were divided into 2 sub-groups (n=5 each) that were sacrificed 7 and 13 days post-surgery. Treatments were started 24 hours after the surgical procedure and consisted of 3 or 6 sessions. After euthanasia, the muscles were submitted to standard histological procedures.


Qualitative analyses were based on morphological assessments of the muscle. The histopathological analysis on day 7 revealed that the muscles in the CG and the TG presented an intense inflammatory infiltrate, a large necrotic area and a disorganized tissue structure. After 13 days, both the CG and the TG had granulation tissue and newly formed fibers. The TG presented a more organized tissue structure. The quantitative analysis of collagen indicated similar findings among the groups, although the qualitative analysis revealed a better organization of collagen fibers in the TG at 13 days. The immunohistochemical analysis indicated that, at both time points, the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 was upregulated in the TG compared to the CG.


LIPUS used as a treatment for muscle injury induced a more organized tissue structure at the site of the injury and stimulated the expression of COX-2 and the formation of new muscle fibers.

muscle tissue; muscle injury; cryolesion; muscle regeneration; low-intensity pulsed ultrasound

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