Searching for c4 rice through analysis of leaf anatomy

The objective of this study was search genotypes of rice, a C3 Gramineae, with characteristics of leaf anatomy similar to C4 Gramineae. Genotypes with C4 characteristics would have higher photosynthetic rates, be better adapted to environmental stress and higher productivity. In these research was studied the leaf anatomy of 483 rice genotypes, 477 of which were Oryza sativa L. and six from other species (Oryza glumaepatula, O. glaberrima, O. nivara, O. rufipogon, O. flotante and O. longistaminata). The results showed that the cultivar CNA 6189 presented chloroplasts in the bundle sheath cells. Vestiges of chloroplasts were observed in some genotypes but no chloroplasts were found in other genotypes, such as IAC 25. It is expected that through molecular biology techniques, characteristics of C4 plants might be incorporated into C3 plants, such as rice, improving their potential to adapt to an adverse environment.

Oryza sativa; bundle sheath

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