Health Program for the prevention of hospitalization of the elderly in the private health care sector: a case study

Kylza Estrella Cid Manso Vianna Anne A. Sant'Anna Fabiana Braunstein Bassan About the authors



This paper aims to present a program on prevention of hospitalization for the elderly in the health insurance and describe the characteristics of the population under the same intervention.


the program applies a screening questionnaire for those of 65 years old and above aiming to identify individuals at risk for hospitalization. Those at risk are contacted by phone and invited to participate in the program. Elderly who refuse the program are kept under usual care. Individuals who accepted the program are visited by a nurse, at their houses, for a multidimensional health evaluation. According to the latter, individuals are distributed in functional groups which will determine their health care model by the program.


627 accepted the program and 392 refused it. Female is prevalent in both groups as the average age is similar for both. The majority is married, 19% of women live alone as opposed to 9% of men. The percentage of analphabets is smaller than other studies; 67% of program users have 3 or more chronic diseases; 49.6% have limited functional activity for at least one activity of daily living and 29% have total dependence.


There is an important functional dependence in the elderly under the program, suggesting that there is an advertion selection criteria for those who accept the program. The literacy difference may be justified by the social economical class of the elderly in the private health care sector. It is suggested that integrated health care models for the elderly should be developed in the private care sector.

Key words:
Aged; Prevention & control; Home Nursing; Supplemental Health; Patient Care Planning; Prevention; Home Care; Private Health Sector; Health Planning.

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