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Satisfaction with family relations and support according to elderly persons caring for elderly relatives

Ana Elizabeth dos Santos Lins Carola Rosas Anita Liberalesso Neri About the authors



The aim of the presentstudy was to investigate the associations between the satisfaction of family caregivers and family relations; sociodemographic variables; the type and direction, sufficiency and burden of family support, and the number of social partners involved.


A total of 148 caregivers of elderly relatives who were physically and cognitively dependent were recruited from medical clinics and home care services in cities in the state of São Paulo and invited to respond to a questionnaire about family support, and to a scale of satisfaction with family relationships with reference to adaptation, partnership, growth, affection and resolutive capacity. The chi-squared and Fisher's exact tests were used to compare frequencies for the scores of the two satisfaction levels (low and intermediate, and high). To analyze the relationship between high levels of satisfaction and other variables, univariate and hierarchical logistic regression analysis was used.


High levels of satisfaction were related to the reciprocity and suffiency of received emotional support, and absence of burden associated to giving support. The adequacy of emotional support was most strongly associated with high levels of satisfaction with family relationships.


For the satisfaction of caregivers of elderly persons with family functioning, quality of support is better than quantity, reciprocity is more important than unidirectionality and emotional is the most important type of support.

Family Dynamics; Social Support; Evaluation; Frail Elderly; Family Caregiver.

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