Level of routine physical activity and common mental disorders among elderly living in rural areas

Lélia Lessa Teixeira Pinto Saulo Vasconcelos Rocha Helly Paula Santos Viana Wisla Keile Medeiros Rodrigues Lelia Renata Carneiro Vasconcelos About the authors


To analyze the association between the level of habitual physical activity and common mental disorders among elderly.


Cross-sectional study of 95 elderly people living in the rural area of Jequie city, state of Bahia, Brazil. A form with demographic information, screening for common mental disorders (CMD) with the Self-Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ-20) and the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) were used.


Most elderly were between 60 and 79 years old (75.8%), female (57.9%). The percentage of non-sedentary was 64.2%, with statistically significant association between the level of physical activity and age, marital status and education. The overall prevalence of CMD was 47.4%; only income had statistically significant association. To assess the association between physical activity and CMD, no association was found at statistically significant levels (p>0.05).


Despite evidence from the literature on the contribution of physical activity for mental health, no association was observed between physical activity and CMD.

Physical Activity; Mental Health; Elderly

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