Physical and sexual aggression against elderly persons reported in the city of São Paulo

Cintia Leci Rodrigues Jane de Eston Armond Carlos Gorios About the authors


: To characterize the population of elderly people who have suffered physical and sexual violence, and describe the features of this aggression based on the Information System for Violence and Injury Surveillance (ISVIS) of the Municipal Health Department of the city of São Paulo.


: A cross-sectional, retrospective study was performed of all cases of elderly victims of physical and sexual violence reported in São Paulo in 2013.


: A total of 602 cases of elderly victims of physical abuse were reported, of which 52.3% were male. In the same period there were ten reported cases of elderly victims of sexual assault, 90% of whom were female. The main diagnosis of injury was head trauma (33.2%) and 65.0% of victims were discharged from hospital immediately.


: Physical abuse with the use of physical force was higher among male elderly persons, and sexual assault was higher among women. Most of the attacks took place at the residence of the elderly person, and were committed by family members.

Elderly; Elder abuse; Information Systems

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