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Health-related quality of life of elderly people undergoing chemotherapy


To evaluate cancer chemotherapy effects on health related quality of life HRQoL of elderly


A series of cases were analyzed on elderly undergoing anticancer chemotherapy selected by non-probability sample of the standard time-place from August to December 2012. The study included individuals undergoing chemotherapy and excluded those with indication for radiotherapy with chemotherapy. To evaluate HRQoL, we applied the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire "core" 30 item EORTC-QLQ-C30 before and two months after starting chemotherapy. The quality of life was assessed by comparing the mean scores before and after chemotherapy by Student t test.


Of 31 patients observed, 58.1% were female. The most common cancer types were breast 32.3%, lung 22.6% and prostate 16.1%, and 51.6% were TNM IV classification. Of the 28 patients evaluated in the second interview, the domain "physical functioning" mean was statistically significant between "before" and "after" p=0.008 when evaluated all patients, while the domain "global health status/QoL" mean was 69.3 points in the first interview and 64.3 points after two months, with no statistical difference p=0.413. When assessed by type of cancer, there was a worsening in mean scores in the domain "global health status/QoL", in patients with prostate cancer p=0.042.


Cancer chemotherapy worsened physical functioning without modifying the overall health status of the elderly, except for patients with prostate cancer.

Elderly; Quality of Life; Neoplasms; Drug Therapy

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