Coexistence of axillary tuberculous lymphadenitis and ganglionic metastasis in mammary lobular carcinoma: a case report

José Juvenal Linhares Eduardo Camargo Millen Marcelo Antonini Pedro César Fagundes Pedro Gustavo Falcão Joaquim Teodoro de Araújo Neto About the authors

Report of a case of an 83-year-old woman presenting a nodule and skin retraction in the right breast for eight months. On physical examination, a solid nodule of 5 cm was observed, located in the upper-lateral quadrant of the right breast, associated with skin retraction and ipsilateral lymph nodes. Mammographic findings showed irregularly limited nodules of 4 cm in the upper-lateral quadrant of the right breast (bi-rads V). Clinical staging: T2N1M0 (IIB). Surgical treatment included a modified radical mastectomy with axillary dissection levels I, II, and III. Histopathologic evaluation demonstrated the presence of an infiltrating lobular carcinoma measuring 2.5 cm (T2), presence of granulomatous lymphadenitis caused by tuberculosis in level I, II, and III lymph nodes, associated with lobular carcinoma metastasis in a single level I lymph node. Pathologic staging: pT2pN1aM0. The treatment for the axillary tuberculous lymphadenitis was done with rifampin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide for one year. Hormone receptors were positive, and adjuvant therapy was initiated with tamoxifen. During the first year of follow-up the patient had no signal of local recurrence or distant metastases.

Breast neoplasm; Carcinoma, lobular; Case reports; Tuberculosis lymph nodes; Metastasis; Breast

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