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Morbidity and associated factors in climacteric women: a population based study in women with 11 or more years of formal education

PURPOSE: To evaluate factors associated with morbidities among Brazilian women aged 40-65 years and with 11 or more years of schooling. METHODS: A secondary analysis of a cross-sectional population-based study was conducted, using an anonymous self-report questionnaire completed by 377 women. Were evaluated, with this instrument, some morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, insomnia and depression) and sociodemographic, behavioral, clinical and reproductive factors. The association between morbidities and independent variables was evaluated by the Χ2 test. Multiple logistic regression analysis with stepwise selection criteria was used to select the major factors associated with morbid conditions. RESULTS: In the multiple regression analysis, insomnia was associated with bad/fair self-perception of health (OR=2.3) and nervousness (OR=5.1). Depression was associated with bad/fair self-perception of health (OR=3.7) and bad/poor leisure (OR=2.8). Hypertension was associated with obesity (OR=3.1) and being in postmenopausal (OR=2.6). Diabetes was associated with age above 50 years (OR=3.9) and obesity (OR=12.5). CONCLUSIONS: The prevalence of morbidities was high and a worse self-perception of health and obesity were the main factors associated with morbidity.

Menopause; Aging; Hypertension; Diabetes Mellitus; Sleep initiation and maintenance disorders; Depression

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