Prevalence of infection for HIV, HTLV, HBV and of syphilis and chlamydia in pregnant women in a tertiary health unit in the western Brazilian Amazon region

PURPOSE: to estimate the prevalence infection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), human T-cell lymphotropic vírus (HTLV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), Chlamydia trachomatis (C. trachomatis) and syphilis in pregnant women, as well as risk factors associated with these infections, in Fundação de Medicina Tropical do Amazonas (FMTAM). METHODS: a cross-sectional study was carried including 674 pregnant women consecutively attended of the spontaneous demand of FMTAM between March and September 2008. Demographic, epidemiologic, socioeconomic, clinical and obstetric information have been collected through specific questionnaires. Patients had blood sample collected by peripheral venous for accomplishment of serological tests of HIV, HTLV, HBV and syphilis. Cervical secretion sample has been collected for C. trachomatis antigens detection test. The Odds Ratio has been used to evaluate risk factors associated to infections. Statistical analysis has been done with the t-Student, χ2 and Fisher's exact tests. RESULTS: the average age was 23.9 years old (SD 6.3). The observed prevalence was 0.6% to infection by HIV; 0.7% by HBsAg; 1.0% of syphilis and 2.7% by C. trachomatis. All the samples went negatives to HTLV. There were no variables associated with infection by HIV, HBV and syphilis. Significative statistically association was observed between pregnant woman with age under 20 years and of first pregnancy with C. trachomatis infection. CONCLUSIONS: the study evidenced that the prevalence infection by HIV in pregnant women assisted in FMTAM is similar to the values described in the Brazilian literature, while the prevalence by HTLV, HBV, syphilis and C. trachomatis in the studied population are below found by other authors. The main risk factor for the infection by C. trachomatis was being under 20 years old.

Pregnancy; Prevalence; Sexually transmitted diseases; HIV; Hepatitis B virus

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