Evaluation of image parameters of pelvic adnexal masses in tele-echography

PURPOSE: To evaluate the sonographic parameters related to morphological characteristics of pelvic adnexal masses by obtaining two-dimensional images by an observer presence, forwarded electronically (via tele-ultrasound) in static and dynamic modes observers do not face (distance) for comparative analyzes inter intraobserver and to the validation of a second opinion. METHODS: From March to August 2010 were selected 50 patients with adnexal mass viewing of the pelvic ultrasound. They were subjected to ultrasound for abdominal and transvaginal routes. The images were captured in static and dynamic modes, electronically forwarded for evaluation of non-presence and two examiners evaluated according to morphological ultrasonographic parameters previously determined. RESULTS: The evaluators did not face in static and dynamic modes obtained almost perfect agreement for all morphological parameters with Kappa values between 0.6 and 0.8. There was no difference between the methods employed, except for the morphological parameter papillary projection in the static mode , in which the agreement was almost perfect ( 0.8 ) while in dynamic mode was substantial (0.6). CONCLUSIONS: The sonographic parameters of the features of adnexal masses pelvic sent by tele-ultrasound are capable of being validated for issuing a second opinion. There were no significant differences in the methodology used in the issue of tele-ultrasound images (static or dynamic) to characterize the composition of pelvic adnexal masses.

Adnexal diseases; Adnexal diseases; Adnexal diseases/ultrasonography; Teleradiology; Ultrasonography

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