Novas leituras para antigas lutas: representatividade e organização coletiva entre trabalhadores do ABC Paulista - 1964/1990

Antônio de Almeida About the author

The article tries to show how the workers of the ABC Paulista area, in spite of the extreme adversity situation imposed by the military dictatorship, that chased the leaderships violently and changed the representative institutions into simple assistance organizations, they respond to this situation, retaking the fighting capacity and collective organization. It also discusses the approximation occurred between different currents of the local left wing as a condition to the military system confrontation and it calls the attention to the fact that the difficulties that this system began forced a new dimensionment on the workers social intervention strategies with started the defence of a direct participation on the basis on the decisive processes, overcoming the traditional cupulist thesis. It concludes showing the importance of these formulations in the process of creation and organization of the PT and of the CUT.

Workers; Party; Organization; Unions Representativiness

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