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Sad Joys? The “Joy Of 1922” and the “Joy of 1970”as Modernist Historical Experiences

Beatriz de Moraes Vieira About the author


In this study I aim to understand the theme of joy present in cultural manifestations during the 1970s, especially the “marginal poetry” that wished to be compared to the phase that became known as the 1922 generation, due to the Week of Modern Art. The central point is a discussion about the pair joy/sadness as part of nation-building in two distinct historical moments of Brazilian modernism and modernity: the 1920s, with important unfolding throughout the 1930s, due to the construction of national identity based on a positive self-image of the Brazilian, and the 1960s-1980s, when the painful historical experience under the political-economic violence of the military dictatorship deepened the contradiction between sadness and joy and tensed up the ethics in cultural action.

Joy/sadness; Nation; Modernism/modernity; Generation of 1922; Marginal poetry

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