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The family of the child with sickle cell disease and the nursing team: critical review

This critical literature review aims at demonstrating the state of the art of a thematic family with a sickle cell disease child and the nursing team. The PubMed, Lilacs, SciELO, and BDENF databases were searched using the key words: sickle cell anaemia, nursing, family and child. Eleven articles were selected and the important points in respect to the quanti-qualitative aspects of the studies are described. A referential analysis of the content was performed which identified the following themes: scientific knowledge, nursing care and education. The necessity of specific knowledge about sickle cell disease was demonstrated: this is important for nursing care to be effective and contribute to a better quality of life and so that the survival of these children is prolonged. It is worth noting that the Brazilian production on sickle cell disease, in general, is scarce and incipient in particular in respect to studies about the family with a sickle cell disease child and nursing team

Anemia, sickle cell; child; family; nursing care

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