Intermediate β thalassemia in a pregnant woman

Tatiana M. Sakamoto Giselle M. Peruzzo Maria Lúcia Ivo Maria Aparecida R. Brum Cláudia R. Bonini-Domingos About the authors

β-thalassemia is clinically the most important form of thalassemia due to its high level of morbidity and mortality as a result of intense hemolytic anemia. The present case report describes the case a pregnant woman who is an intermediate β-thalassemia carrier identified in a screening program for hemolytic anemia. This work aims at showing the importance of correct and early diagnosis of inherited anemia during pregnancy. It also stresses the need of guidance for carriers in respect to their progeny and discusses the efficiency of follow ups by a multidisciplinary team during pregnancy.

Pregnant woman; β thalassemia; diagnosis

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