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Qualified literature on absorptive capacity for innovation in NTBFs and startups

Bruno Alencar Pereira Josivania Silva Farias About the authors


This study consists of reviewing and systematizing the literature on Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) for innovation in new technology-based firms (NEBTs) and startups. In addition, the study identifies themes, theoretical approaches and factors for ACAP and innovation development into these ventures; providing an overview of this phenomenon. The research analyzes 103 articles selected from databases such as Emerald, Science Direct, Ebsco (Academic Search Premier), Web of Science, Scopus and Springerlink. Most of studies identified relates to empirical research based on quantitative methods; using surveys and analysis techniques based on inferential statistics. The four prominent categories concern to the relationship between ACAP and networks, antecedents and potential of ACAP, exploration of internal or external factors/resources, and innovation strategies. The results also enable the proposition of gaps and directions as a contribution to future agendas.

Absorptive Capacity; Innovation; New technology-based firms; Startups

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