The formation of Celso Furtado's thought, the technological imperative and metamorphoses of capitalism

João Antonio de Paula Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque About the authors


This article reviews Celso Furtado's work and tracks the most important stages and influences in his formation. Celso Furtado attributes a central role to technological progress in his interpretation of the dynamics of the capitalist system, especially in shaping the center-periphery divide. Technological progress, a key component of the first industrial nucleus and its expansionist forces, structures the initial steps of a global system. This global system, derived from the industrial revolution, will be subsequently transformed, hence Celso Furtado's elaboration on metamorphoses of capitalism. Furtado's approach has the advantage point of a view from the periphery of the dynamics of technological progress.

Celso Furtado; Technological progress; Center-periphery dynamics

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