Teletandem and performativity1 1 This article is a partial result of the project Teachers' perspectives on the implementation of teletandem sessions into the foreign language curriculum, funded by FAPESP - Fundação de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo (Proc. 2014/05910-8).

Teletandem e performatividade

João Antonio Telles About the author

Teletandem is a virtual autonomous VoIP2 2 VoIP - Voice-over-Internet Protocol technology-based context (webcam images, voice and text). Within this context, two students help each other learn their native (or other) language through intercultural and linguistic collaboration. Performative Theory can shed light on the constitution of these students' national identities, as they engage in linguistic performances of marking and discussing differences between their countries during teletandem. Based on critical approaches to discourse and intercultural communication, my analysis shows that this online intercultural contact opens innovative possibilities for foreign language teachers to promote intercultural contact with "the different". However, without teacher mediation, teletandem interactions may fall into shallow performances of sedimented and pre-given representations of self and other. Subsequently, this article concludes with a discussion of relevant pedagogical points for foreign language teachers.

teletandem; tandem; telecollaboration; performativity; foreign language

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