Functional capacity and respiratory muscle strenght of candidates to hepatic transplant

José Leonardo Faustini Pereira Tanara Carreira Meus Figueredo Lucas Homercher Galant Luiz Alberto Forgiarini Junior Cláudio Augusto Marroni Mariane Borba Monteiro Alexandre Simões Dias About the authors

INTRODUCTION: Chronic liver disease results in large functional impact, causing loss of muscle mass and function with consequent reduction of functional capacity. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and compare the respiratory muscle strength and functional capacity of candidates for liver transplantation who are under Class B or C according to Child Pugh Score and to correlate these variables within each group. METHODS- Cross-sectional study with a convenience sample of 35 patients divided into two groups based on the score obtained in the Child Pugh Score B (19 patients) and Child Pugh Score C (16 patients). All subjects were evaluated in a single moment, and the maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) and maximal expiratory pressure (MEP) as well as the distance walked during the 6-minute walk test (6MWT) were measured. RESULTS: Individuals classified with Child Pugh Score B showed higher values in the MIP (- 86.05 vs. 23.89 - 57.94 14.14), p = 0.001, in MEP (84.16 vs. 28.26 72.00 16 1994), p = 0.142, and the distance walked in 6MWT (473.63 vs 376.13 39.00 55.276), p = 0.001. We also found a positive correlation between the values of MIP and distance walked during 6MWT in group B of the Child Pugh Score, r = 0.64 and p = 0.003. CONCLUSION: The progress of liver disease contributes to the onset of several complications, which together appear to contribute to the reduction of functional capacity of individuals. In our study this was evidenced by the worse performance of Child Pugh score C group. This may suggest that the wait for liver transplantation (LTx) can worsen the functional capacity of these individuals.

liver disease; functional capacity; respiratory muscle strength; Child-Pugh score

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