Injuries among professional surfers

Luís Henrique Base Marco Antonio Ferreira Alves Erick Oliveira Martins Roberto Fernandes da Costa About the authors

The aim of this study was to verify the occurrence of injuries in Brazilian professional surfers who took part in one of the stages of the Professional Brazilian Surf Championship for men. There were 32 professional surfers participating in the study and each one of them filled in a questionnaire about the injuries they had suffered during the surf practice. There were found 112 injuries among all the participants of the study. Lacerations/cuts was the most frequent injury, 38 (33.9%); followed by sprains, 29 (25.9%); contusions, 16 (14.2%); strains, 14 (12.5%); burns, 9 (8.0%); fractures, 6 (5.3%). We conclude that most of the injuries were originated by trauma, suggesting that the extrinsic factors inherent to this sport are potentially harmful to the athletes.

Injuries; Surf; Sport

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