Benefits of resistance training in the improvement of functional capacity and health of paraplegics

Luciana Campos Mutti Belmiro Freitas de Salles Adriana Lemos Roberto Simão About the authors

Resistance training (RT) has been one effective device for health promotion and improvement of functional capacity of paraplegics. However, the limited number of studies on the influence of RT for this population somehow restricts the possibilities for application of this practice. The aim of this study was to carry on a review on the benefits of RT in the functional capacity and health improvement of paraplegics. Thus, LILACS, MEDLINE, SportDiscus, Scielo, and Scholar Google databases were researched with the purpose to select the scientific evidence. The studies revised here had demonstrated that RT programs can promote physical, psychological and social benefits, among which, exercise engagement, strength, endurance and power improvement, atherogenic profile and metabolism increase, as well as reduction of shoulder pain in paraplegics. RT is beneficial and even necessary to maintain the functional capacity and health in this population.

exercise; fitness; performance; health; disability

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