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Importance of nutritional evaluation for diet control in a team of junior soccer players

Luciana Collet Winther Rebello Paulo Roberto Santos Silva Alberto Azevedo Alves Teixeira José Roberto Rivelino Vidal Alexandre Augusto Ribeiro Barros Oberg Alcides Fonseca Jr. Francisco Oliveira Rocha Jorge Mendes Sousa About the authors

The aim of this study was to verify, through a food questionnaire covering a 24-hour recollection range, the adequacy of the daily caloric intake of macronutrients in 19 soccer players whose mean age was 18.6 ± 1.1 (16-20). All athletes belonged to the Amateur Soccer Department of Associação Portuguesa de Desportos in São Paulo. The soccer players were submitted to a food inquiry by means of personalized interviews. The ideal weight of the athletes was calculated by the mean body mass index (BMI) = 22.5 kg.m² multiplied by the stature in square meters. The basal metabolic rate was then calculated, the FAO/WHO/UN chart having been used. After that, by anamnesis carried out at the sector of athletic preparation, the volume of physical activity was quantified, which made it possible to determine the minimum, mena and maximum caloric value suitable for athletes. In addition, all soccer players were submitted to laboratory tests. By calculating the daily caloric needs according to the training, the following result and parameters were verified: minimum = 3,298 ± 177; mean = 3,689 ± 207 and maximum = 3,991 ± 225 The mean caloric consumption reached by the players used to be 2,584 ± 421 When a comparison was made between the mean intake they consumed with the minimal, mean and maximal values necessary, the percentage of caloric deficiency which they presented - 22%, 30% and 35%, respectively - was highly significant (p < 0.05). The laboratory tests revealed in one of the athletes the presence of anemia with 11.1% of Hb and 35% of hematocrit. The results of this study allow to conclude that both nutritional education intended to correct food behavior disorders, and severe control of the caloric needs, constitute procedures of prime importance for an adequate diet of soccer players.

Sports nutrition; Physical activity; Soccer players; Sports Medicine

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