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The Brazil current off the Eastern Brazilian Coast

Ilson Carlos Almeida da Silveira André Campos Kersten Schmidt Edmo José Dias Campos Sueli Susana de Godoi Yoshimine Ikeda About the authors

There is relatively few and sparse information in the literature about the Brazil Current, the boundary current that cJoses the western border of the South Atlantic Subtropical Gyre. In this articJe, we present a review of the currently-available literature to give a coherent overview on the kinematic and dynamical aspects of the Brazil Current along the Eastern Brazilian coast. We discuss the current structure in terms of its water mass composition and its vertical extension. We compile the available information on the Brazil Current velocity structure and volume transport along the shelf and shelf break from 90S to 31°S. We also address the Brazil Current meandering and eddy formation, and their possible role in promoting shelf-break upwelling off the Southeast Brazilian coast.

Brazil current; Water masses; Volume transport; Meadering; Eddy formation

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