The influence of nitric oxide on the pathophysiology of glaucomatous neuropathy

Alexis Galeno Matos Viviane Pinho Gurgel Ana Lindaura Callou About the authors


Nitric Oxide (NO) is a relaxing endothelium-derived factor and a potent vasodilator that impacts various systems throughout the body. Proven studies of basal ocular blood flow are regulated by NO, being an important regulator of homeostasis, especially within the uveal tissues. The dysfunction of the production associated with glaucoma due to alteration of the optic nerve head associated to the increase of the intraocular pressure by a deficient trabecular meshwork. NO became an attractive molecule for the treatment of glaucoma due to a modulation of the trabecular meshwork, lowering the neuroprotective intra and ocular pressure for a blood surgery in the head of the optic nerve.

Nitric oxide; Glaucoma; Perfusion pressure; Trabecular meshwork

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