Extensive osteolysis after the use of a bioabsorbable suture anchor: case report and literature review

Fabio Farina Dal Molin About the author

Bioabsorbable implants are frequently used in the treatment of rotator cuff and shoulder labrum injuries. Many authors have observed small areas of osteolysis after repair of shoulder abnormalities with absorbable anchors. Biological and mechanic theories are put forward to account for the osteolysis caused by these materials. We present a case of a patient who was simultaneously treated for a rotator cuff lesion with the double-row technique and a Bankart lesion with bioabsorbable PLLA anchors, and developed extensive osteolysis of the anatomic neck of the humerus. Because no lysis appeared in the glenoid around the other PLLA implant, we hypothesized that mechanical factors are important in the etiology of this complication.

Osteolysis; Humerus; Bioabsorbable Implants; Shoulder

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