Arthroscopic treatment of elbow stiffness

Luis Alfredo Gómez Vieira Fabio Farina Dal Molin Adalberto Visco Luis Filipe Daneu Fernandes Murilo Cunha Rafael dos Santos Nivaldo Souza Cardozo Filho Nicolas Gerardo Gómez Cordero About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To present the arthroscopic surgical technique and the evaluation of the results from this technique for treating elbow stiffness. METHODS: Between April 2007 and January 2010, ten elbows of ten patients with elbow stiffness underwent arthroscopic treatment to release the range of motion. The minimum follow-up was 11 months, with an average of 27 months. All the patients were male and their average age was 32.8 years (ranging from 22 to 48 years). After the arthroscopic treatment, they were followed up weekly in the first month and every three months thereafter. The clinical evaluation was made using the criteria of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). RESULTS: All the patients were satisfied with the results from the arthroscopic treatment. The average UCLA score was 33.8 points. CONCLUSION: Arthroscopic treatment for elbow stiffness is a minimally invasive surgical technique that was shown to be efficient for treating this complication.

Elbow; Arthroscopy; Range of Motion, Articular

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