Arthroscopic release of the suprascapular nerve: surgical technique and evaluation of clinical cases

José Carlos Garcia Júnior Ana Maria Ferreira Paccola Cristiane Tonoli José Luis Amin Zabeu Jesely Pereira Myrrha Garcia About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To describe a specific surgical technique for arthroscopic decompression of the suprascapular nerve (SSN) and evaluate its preliminary results. METHODS: Ten shoulders of nine patients were operated using a technique with portals differing from the already-known techniques, which did not use traction and made use of materials available within the public healthcare system. RESULTS: Among the ten shoulders of nine patients, eight were right shoulders and two were left shoulders. The mean age was 69.5 years. The UCLA score increased from 11.7 to 26.1 points over the postoperative follow-up of 16.6 months. The SF-36 questionnaire score was 122.9 and the raw pain scale value was 88%. CONCLUSION: Arthroscopic decompression of the SSN in accordance with the described technique is reproducible and less traumatic than the open techniques. The patients achieved improvements in many of the parameters evaluated, particularly with regard to pain. Arthroscopic decompression of the SSN may be a therapeutic option for pathological compression of the SSN.

Nerve Crush; Decompression; Surgical; Shoulder Pain; Arthroscopy; Shoulder

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