Otoneurologic findings in Type 1 Diabetes mellitus patients

Metabolic alterations, as they occur in Diabetes mellitus, have been mentioned in the development and maintenance of complaints related to the vestibular and auditory organs. AIM: To investigate the vestibular system in Type 1 Diabetic mellitus population. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The present study was developed with 19 individuals, being 10 females (52.6%) and 9 males (47.3%), with ages varying from 8 to 25 years old, with medical diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes mellitus. For result comparison, a control group was selected with others 19 individuals, matching the study group in age and gender. The evaluation protocol encompassed interview, otoscopic inspection, dynamic and static balance evaluation, cerebellar tests and vectoelectronystagmographic evaluation. STUDY DESIGN: Clinical prospective. RESULTS: Alteration in the vectoelectronystagmographic evaluation were found in 36.84% (n=7) Type 1 Diabetes mellitus individuals, being 21.06% (n=4) Peripheral Deficiency Vestibular Syndrome and 15.79% (n=3) Peripheral Irritative Vestibular Syndrome. CONCLUSION: We conclude that Type 1 Diabetes mellitus individuals can have their vestibular organ affected, even if there are no otoneurologic complaints.

diabetes mellitus; vestibular function tests; dizziness

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