Laryngocele: a cause of upper airway obstruction

Jose Antonio de Paula Felix Felippe Felix Luiz Fernando Pires de Mello About the authors

Laryngoceles are abnormal dilatations of the laryngeal saccule, which rises between the ventricular folds, the base of the epiglottis and the inner surface of the thyroid cartilage. Clinical symptoms are rare, and the find of asymptomatic laryngoceles in pathology studies are frequent. Sometimes it is presented as cervical swelling causing airway obstruction in need of emergency intervention. In this study, we report a case of upper airway obstruction due to laryngocele treated by emergency tracheotomy and we review of the literature. Laryngocele complications include infection (pyocele formation), pathogens aspirations with subsequent bronchitis and pneumonia and upper airway obstruction, as in the case reported. Despite being benign tumors, laryngoceles cause relevant airway obstruction. Correct diagnosis and proper treatment can preclude emergencies as it happened to our patient hereby reported.

laryngocele; cervical swelling; upper airway obstruction

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