Audiology and aging: literature review and current horizons

Renato Peixoto Veras Leila Couto Mattos About the authors

AIM: to review the literature on aging-related hearing loss and its current impacts. LITERATURE REVIEW: In studies carried out in Brazil, presbycusis has been blamed for being the most frequent cause of hearing loss in the elderly, causing verbal communication impairment. International studies also show the high prevalence of hearing loss in the elderly. DISCUSSION: According to recent investigations, as the number of elderly people increase, the prevalence of presbycusis interfering in the life quality of this population also increases. Even among health care professionals, there is a huge lack of knowledge about the advantages and gains a specific hearing reeducation can bring about for the elderly with hearing impairment. CONCLUSIONS: the papers hereby analyzed showed that the public health care centers with physicians and speech and hearing therapists, should establish the guidelines for the development of diagnostic programs, purchase of hearing aids and, most specially, hearing reeducation for the elderly with presbycusis, so that they may enjoy their social relations, and thus enhance their life quality. However, in Brazil, studies and research in this area only beginning.

audiological assessment; elderly; presbyacusis; hearing reeducation

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