Benign masseter muscle hypertrophy

Daniel Zeni Rispoli Paulo M. Camargo José L. Pires Jr Vinicius R. Fonseca Karina K. Mandelli Marcela A.C. Pereira About the authors

Idiopathic hypertrophy of the masseter muscle is a rare disorder of unknown cause. Some authors associate it with the habit of chewing gum, temporo-mandibular joint disorder, congenital and functional hypertrophies, and emotional disorders (stress and nervousness). Most patients complain of the cosmetic change caused by facial asymmetry, also called square face, however, symptoms such as trismus, protrusion and bruxism may also occur. The goals of the present investigation were: to report a case of idiopathic masseter hypertrophy, describe its symptoms and treatment. The patient reported bilateral bulging in the region of the mandible angle, of slow and progressive evolution. He did not complain of pain or discomfort, however there was bilateral otalgia, nighttime trismus and stress. In his physical exam we noticed bilateral masseter hypertrophy without local inflammatory alterations. We indicated surgical treatment with an extraoral approach. Complementary tests are indicated when there is diagnostic doubts. Treatment varies from conservative to surgical, and the later depends on surgeon skill and experience.

anxiety; hypertrophy; muscle

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