Nasolabial cyst: diagnostic and therapeutical aspects

Nasolabial cyst is a rare lesion situated behind the ala nasi, extending backwards into the inferior nasal meatus and forward into the labio-gingival sulcus. AIM: We present our case of a nasolabial cyst, with the purpose of discussing clinical presentation, diagnosis and the more suitable surgical techniques to treat this disorder. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective study of eight patients with diagnosis of nasolabial cyst, carried out in the period of january/2000 to december/2006. The diagnosis was suggested by otorhinolaryngology exam and computer tomography. All patients were submitted to surgical treatment (enucleation) and definitive diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology. RESULTS: Predominant symptoms were nasal obstruction, swelling in the nasal vestibule region and local pain. Patients had had symptoms for a median of 26.2 months. CT scan was performed in all patients, showing a well outlined cystic lesion with bone remodeling in some cases. Median sizes of the cysts were 2.18cm. There was no evidence of recurrence during a mean follow-up of 19.5 months. CONCLUSION: Nasolabial cysts are rare lesions. Common presentation is a well-confined swelling, local pain and nasal obstruction. Enucleation is the treatment of choice with low recurrence rate.

cyst; diagnosis; enucleation; nose

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