Complaints of insomnia in hospitalized alcoholics

Quejas de insomnio en alcohólicos hospitalizados

OBJECTIVE: To estimate the prevalence of insomnia complaints in a population of alcoholics hospitalized in addiction clinics in Bogotá. METHOD: Alcoholic patients hospitalized for detoxification in addiction clinics were recruited. Design: observational, descriptive and cross-sectional study. Data gathered by means of clinical interviews and measuring scales: Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the Zung Self-rating Anxiety and Depression scales. RESULTS: The prevalence of chronic insomnia complaints was 56.8% (33/58); anxiety symptoms 65.5% (38/58); depressive symptoms 75.9% (44/58) with variations in distribution by gender. CONCLUSION: The prevalence of chronic insomnia complaints measured was found to be high in the population of hospitalized alcoholics. These patients deserve medical care and treatment for sleep disorders in their rehabilitation plan. Further research allowing the extension of the obtained results is needed.

Alcoholism; Prevalence; Sleep initiation and maintenance disorders; Alcohol-related disorders; Hospitalization

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