Validity of a frustration-induction procedure

Validade de um procedimento para indução de frustração

OBJECTIVE: To test a reliable and easily administered frustration-induction procedure for experimental research. METHOD: One hundred volunteers (81 women, mean age ± SD 34.2 ± 8 years) physically and psychiatrically healthy submitted to the frustration induction procedure were prevented from reaching reward level scores. Subjective aggressiveness feelings related to frustration were self-rated in a 13-item visual analogue scale before and after the procedure. RESULTS: Significant increases in aggressiveness-related feelings were detected in 12 of the 13 items. This was consistent with the observed overt behavior of the subjects during the task. CONCLUSIONS: The frustration-induction procedure is a simple, easy to administer frustration-induction procedure that can be used in experimental studies in normal subjects.

Evaluations studies; Expressed emotion; Emotions; Frustration; Irritability

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