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Os interesses econômicos dos Estados Unidos e a segurança interna no Brasil entre 1946 e 1964: uma análise sobre os limites entre diplomacia coercitiva e operações encobertas

The present study parts from the premise that, in order to guarantee the access to the sources of raw materials, that would allow the USA to keep its economic and military power in the future, the USA needed to have the control over the Brazilian internal security. Electing facts and situations that evidenced this economic interest in the action of the American governmental organisms, even those that apparently did not deal with the question, as it was the case of the CIA and the Pentagon, the study searches the support, although superficially, of the doctrines of containment and strategic reserve, concluding at that, because of the absence of a national security ideology and of governmental alert mechanisms, the Brazilian internal security was conducted by the USA during the first two decades of the Cold War.

Foreign Policy; Brazil; United States; Brazilian internal security; North-American economic interests

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