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Anatomical, histochemical and class characterization of secondary metabolites in leaves of Guzmania lingulata (L.) Mez

In natural medicine, little is known about the healing importance of most of the species belonging to the family Bromeliaceae. Such a fact points tothe need to perform investigations toprovethe possible phytotherapic potentials in species of the family. Guzmania lingulata is characterized as one of the most popular well-known and commercialized species of bromeliads, being widely spread in Brazil. This work aimed at the anatomic characterization and identification of classes of the secondary metabolites present in G. lingulata, by anatomic, histochemical and chemical analysis of the leaves. The leaves were fixed in FAA 50 and, afterwards, transferred to 50% ethanol. For the anatomic study, transverse sections of the middleproportion of the leafblades were obtained by hand and exposed to the process of double coloration with safranin and astra blue, being, right after that, mounted on glycerin jelly. For the sorting of the classes of secondary metabolites, 10 fresh leaves were collected and then put through the maceration process in 70% hydroalcoholic solution for 7 days, at room temperature. The resulting filtered solution from the vacuum filtration was evaporated under vacuum at 40ºC until the complete removal of the ethanol, obtaining, this way, the cold crude hydroalcoholic extract (EBHF). The results ofhistological sectionsallowed the anatomical characterization based onthe quality ofthe manual sectionsobtained. The testsin relationto the classes of secondary metabolitesrevealed the presence ofanthocyanins andtannins andabsence of flavonoids and saponins. These results encourage the completionoffurther studies to identify and quantify the compounds of these and other classes of metabolites.

Guzmania lingulata; anthocyanins; tannins; leaf anatomy; Bromeliaceae

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