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Agronomic research of Atlantic Forest medicinal plants regulated by ANVISA

With the release of the list of medicinal plants by Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA), according to RDC Nº10, March, 9th , 2010, the use of these plants is replaced by the official seal from the government regulator, in consequence, have greatly increased their demand. The production of these materials then acquires a great importance, as there will be a need to produce these plants. Aiming to assess the status of agronomic research on these species, particularly the species which occur in Atlantic Forest, a survey was made of publications from the scientific names in the CAB Abstract electronic database, ranging from 1990 to 2011 . The survey showed that the number of publications varies from 2 to 1129, and the species with the largest number of articles are those already cultivated as food. Of the 66 species listed, 36 are exotic, 24 are native of the Atlantic Forest and 6 are to other biomes. Among the Atlantic Forest species, were excluded the ruderal, fruit, and tree, due to most studies in Agronomy are related to the management, control or fruit production, and not to the cultivation with the medicinal viewpoint. The only arboreus specie excluded was Maytenus ilicifolia. Thus, we selected 16 species, which had its publications divided into three areas: Agronomy; Phytochemistry and Biological Assays. This research identified that 32% of published articles are agronomic, area that has less content than the area of biological activity, which has 40% of publications, and the area of phytochemistry have 20% of publications. These results show that researchers are aware of the importance of agronomic research with medicinal plants, but it is necessary to perform work of domestication of wild species and crop science with the less-studied species, to improve the culture, the conservation of plant genetic resources and the environment.

Native plants; research; cultivation; species domestication; conservation

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