Phenology of populations of "carqueja" [Baccharis trimera (Less.) DC. - Asteraceae] in the municipal district of Viçosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil

L.A. Sousa T.S. Venzke S.V. Martins G.B. Freitas About the authors

Four populations of Baccharistrimera (Asteraceae) were analyzedin Viçosa-MG in relation to thephenological cycle. The observations were taken monthly from March 2010 to March 2011 following the vegetative and reproductive phenology inspecimens occurringin different environments-ravine, forest of eucalyptus trees, secondary forest and pasture. Individuals from the ravine and pasture bloomed during May, June and July and bore fruitin August and September. The plants of the secondary forestunder story showed no reproductive phenology. Flowering and fruiting of plants in the forest of eucalyptus trees occurred after one month compared to other populations. Preliminary knowledge of the phenological cycle of the species contributes toits sustainable management strategy and medicinal uses.

Baccharis trimera; ciclo fenológico; planta medicinal; Viçosa

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