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Evaluation of antioxidant potential against lipid oxidation and preliminary toxicity of extract and fractions obtained from the fronds of Dicksonia sellowiana (Presl.) Hook


The species Dicksonia sellowiana, popularly known as tree fern, are a natural fern from American continent found in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. In 2001 it was added to the list of IBAMA as endangered species due to its exploitation for pots craft for gardening species. This paper describes the antioxidant lipid potential (TBARS and System β-carotene / linoleic acid) of the crude extract and fractions obtained by Soxhlet apparatus of Dicksonia sellowianafronds, besides the cytotoxic and hemolytic activity in vitro. By the TBARS method, all samples tested showed activity, particularly the fraction ethyl acetate and the crude extract whose activity was comparable to standard ascorbic acid. In the system β-carotene / linoleic acid, the fraction of ethyl acetate and crude extract inhibited the oxidation of linoleic acid, especially the ethyl acetate fraction which did not differ statistically from the standard BHT. In a preliminary assessment of toxicity,cytotoxic and hemolytic activity of crude extracts and fractions in the tested models were not observed. The results of this study indicate the antioxidant potential of this plant species in models of inhibiting lipid oxidation without producing toxicity.

Antioxidant; lipid peroxidation; hemolytic; Artemia salina; Dicksoniaceae

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