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Anti-staphylococci activity in extracts from plants presenting medicinal and spice indicative

The genus Staphylococcus remains in evidence regarding transmissible diseases since human and animal carriers are its main infection source. Studies on antibacterial protection factors in natural resources, such as plants presenting medicinal or spice indicative, have been recommended by World Health Conferences as a priority. Dilution tests in multiple tube system were used in this review to describe the in vitro sorting of anti-staphylococci activity of different extracts from 80 plants presenting medicinal, spice or aromatic ethnographic indicatives at the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. Selective activity was observed for 39 species, whereas the remaining 41 species did not show activity.

medicinal plants; anti-staphylococci activity; plant extracts; medicinal plant ethnography

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