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Bilateral anomaly in the style of Sciopemyia sordellii (Shannon & Del Ponte) (Diptera, Psychodidae)

This paper presents a male specimen of Sciopemyia sordellii with a rare bilateral anomaly, consisting in eight spines in a style and five in the other. This species has four spines in each style as its normal number. The specimen was captured using a CDC light trap, in a forested area in the State Park "Floresta Estadual Edmundo Navarro de Andrade", in May 2004, located in the city of Rio Claro, São Paulo State, Brazil. Similar anomaly was once described but this is the first specimen found with a bilateral alteration. It may cause confusion in taxonomic identification and even lead to description of new species, increasing the number of synonymies.

Anomaly; Sciopemyia sordellii; Phlebotominae; Psychodidae; sand fly

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