Acute pyogenic pyomyositis in eutrophic children

Mirtha B. Talavera Márcia Wakai Lúcia Maria Arruda Campos Evandro Roberto Baldacci Clovis Artur Almeida da Silva About the authors

The acute infection of the skeletal muscle is called acute pyogenic pyomyositis (APP). It is more frequent in tropical regions and prevalent in schoolchildren. The majority of cases occurred in malnourished children with parasitosis. We reported four cases of APP in previously eutrophic children. Acute localized muscle pain, with or without inflammatory symptoms, was present in all of them, as well as osteomyelitis and/or septic arthritis. The magnetic resonance scan was the preferential exam in order to reach the final diagnosis. The therapy consisted of parenteral antibiotics and surgical drainage of abscesses.

acute pyogenic pyomyositis; muscle; magnetic resonance

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