Third Brazilian Consensus for autoantibodies screening in HEp-2 cells (ANA): recommendations for standardization of autoantibodies screening trial in HEp-2 cells, quality control and clinical associations

OBJECTIVE: The Third Brazilian Consensus for autoantibodies Screening in HEp-2 cells had as purpose the evaluation of difficulties in the accomplishment of the 2nd Consensus recommendations that took place in the year of 2002, the discussion of strategies for quality control of the assay and the promotion of an update of the clinical associations of the several immunofluorescent patterns. METHODS:Several ANA experts from university centers and private laboratories in different areas in Brazil joined the workshop in Goiânia on 2008 April 13 and 14 with the purpose of discussing and approving the recommendations for standardization, interpretation and use of the test by physicians. Commercial representatives of different ANA slide brands were also invited as listeners to the workshop. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: The 3rd Consensus emphasized the need for quality control in indirect immunofluorescent since there is a considerable heterogeneity of available microscopes and reagents. It also promoted adaptations in the previously approved terminology used to classify the different patterns and finally updated the clinical associations of the several patterns with the purpose of providing guidance for interpretation of the assay by clinical pathologists and assistant physicians.

autoantibodies; HEp-2 cells; Antinuclear antibodies; immunofluorescent

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