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Ultrasonography for the diagnosis of tendinitis and electromyography for the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy and upper limb radiculopathy: rheumatologists' perspectives

Milton Helfenstein Jr Mario Soares Ferreira Anna Beatriz Assad Maia César Augusto Fávaro Siena Antonio Techy About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To ascertain the value ascribed by Brazilian rheumatologists to ultrasonography (US) for diagnosing tendinitis and to electromyography (EMG) for diagnosing peripheral neuropathy and upper limb radiculopathy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In total, 165 rheumatologists answered an anonymous survey (sent via the internet) concerning the two exams, with respect to the following characteristics: reliability, diagnostic accuracy, the importance and necessity of these tests for diagnostic RESULTS: The study revealed that most of the rheumatologists recognised that these exams are operator-dependent, that clinicians do not rely entirely on the results, that these exams are not mandatory for the diagnoses listed, and that professionals who perform these exams should be better trained to provide reliable results. CONCLUSIONS: The Brazilian rheumatologists believe the following: the results of these exams should be interpreted with caution and are not definitive for diagnosis; musculoskeletal US and EMG should be performed by trained professionals; and there must be better preparation of the professionals who perform these exams.

Ultrasonography; Electromyography; Tendinitis; Neuropathy; Radiculopathy

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