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The legal aspects involving repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

Antonio Techy Cesar Siena Milton Helfenstein Jr. About the authors

In order to have a good patient-physician relationship, besides practicing a fair and updated technical medicine, the physician is obligated to have knowledge of and follow the laws, rules and regulations, which grant specific rights to some and delegate obligations to others. The physician is responsible for writing legal statements based on information from medical records. These declarations will serve as important documents, upon which public or private entities will base their decision on granting rights or delegating obligations. This article stresses the importance of adequate physician decision making capacity when it comes to access the patient's needs within the working environment. It also emphasizes the seriousness of reaching an optimal treatment plan, in order to prevent expected complications. Our objective is to promote the practice of medicine within the current law, giving directions to the reader on where to obtain this information. Physicians have to keep themselves updated not only regarding the technical aspects of the profession. The current knowledge of local, state and national laws, rules, and regulations is also of paramount importance.

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