Overcoming dormancy of Centrosema plumieri Benth seeds

In some plant species, seeds will not germinate even when environmental conditions are favorable and this study aimed to identify appropriate treatments for overcoming dormancy in Centrosema plumieri Benth seeds. Seeds were submitted to the following treatments: control (T1) - intact seeds without any pre-germination treatment, heat shock in water at 50 (T2), 60 (T3) and 70 °C ( T4), immersion in hot water at 50 (T5), 60 (T6) and 70 °C (T7); chemical scarification with concentrated sulphuric acid for 3 (T8), 6 (T9), 9 (T10), 12 (T11 ), 15 (T12), 20 (T13), 30 (T14), 40 (T15) and 50 minutes (T16); mechanical scarification with sandpaper (T17), mechanical scarification with sandpaper + immersion in water at 12 (T18) and 24 hours (T19). The experimental design was completely randomized with four replications of 25 seeds. Seed coat impermeability is the most obvious cause of dormancy in C. plumieri Benth. The most effective treatments for overcoming dormancy were: sulphuric acid scarification for 30, 40 and 50 minutes; scarification with sandpaper; scarification with sandpaper + immersion in water for 12 and 24 hours.

Fabaceae; scarification; seed coat

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