Soybean delayed sowing date: seed health and seed physiological potential

The present study was accomplished with the objective of evaluating the influence of delayed sowing dates on seed health and seed physiological potential of five soybean cultivars. It was conducted a five cultivar assay sown on different dates (11/15, 01/15 and 02/15) in two experimental years (1998/99 and 1999/00), in a randomized complete block design. Each assay was sown on different dates. The evaluated cultivars were BRS 132, BRS 133, BRS 134, BR 16 and FT-Estrela, of different maturation groups. Seeds produced on the different sowing dates were evaluated by germination, first count, accelerated aging, seedling vigor classification, seedling length and dry biomass tests, visual seed evaluation and seed health. The seeds produced on the delayed sowing dates showed lower physiological potential compared to those from the November sowing date although seeds from the February sowing date showed satisfactory quality level. It was also concluded that delayed sowing emphasizes differences in seed physiological potential among cultivars.

soybean; seeds; sowing date; germination; vigor; pathogens

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