The use of film coating on the performance of treated corn seed

Uso de film coating e desempenho de sementes de milho tratadas

The main objective of seed coating technology using polymers is to improve the physical, physiological and sanitary characteristics of seed performance. The objectives of the present study were to determine: the plantability of corn seeds treated with insecticide, fungicide and graphite, covered with a film coating; the dust retention on treated corn seeds; and the leaching of applied products on corn seeds covered by a film coating. Seed plantability was determined by counting the skips and double seeds; dust was determined by using fiberglass paper in mg.100 g-1 of seeds; and the leaching was determined by collecting the material leached in a 10 cm layer of sand after irrigation. The following conclusions were made: seeds covered with film coating effectively reduce skips and double seeds; film coating effectively reduces the formation of dust from the seeds; film coated seeds minimize the leaching of the insecticide applied in seed treatment; and there are differences in effectiveness related to film coating type and dosage.

polymer; plantability; dust; leaching

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