Rotavirus induced diarrhea in malnourished children hospitalized at the Instituto Materno Infantil Prof. Fernando Figueira, IMIP

Renata Cavalcanti Cauás Ana Rodrigues Falbo Jailson de Barros Correia Kaline Maria Maciel de Oliveira Fernanda Maria Ulisses Montenegro About the authors

OBJECTIVES: to establish rotavirus incidence in diarrheic diseases in children from 0 to five years of age, with moderate and severe malnutrition hospitalized at Instituto Materno Infantil Prof. Fernando Figueira (IMIP). METHODS: a descriptive case study series was performed from August 2004 to June 2005. Fifty children comprised the study. A pre-codified questionnaire was used to build a data base on the Epi-info version 6.0 software. Stool samples were analyzed and the positive ones were selected by electronic microscopy for rotavirus and then tested by enzymatic immunoassay. RESULTS: the incidence of rotavirus in the studied group was of 24.0%. The families were of low income, 96% had per capita income below R$150.00. Near two thirds of the children (60.4%) were breast feed for less than three months and 10% of them had never been vaccinated. CONCLUSIONS: the study contributes to the etiology of diarrheic disease in malnourished children, nevertheless larger series are required to validate the results.

Diarrhea infantile; Rotavirus; Child Nutrition disorders

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