Guthrie test: pregnant women's perception during prenatal care

Maria Paula Custódio Silva Divanice Contim Lúcia Aparecida Ferreira Alessandra Bernadete Trovó de Marqui About the authors



to investigate pregnant women's perception on Guthrie test and verify how this matter is approached during prenatal care.


this study is an exploratory - descriptive, cross-sectional and quantitative approach design, carried out with 160 pregnant women who attended the Prenatal Care service at the Primary HealthCare in the city of Uberaba-MG. Data collection was performed between December 2014 and February 2015, using a semi-structured questionnaire. A bivariate descriptive statistics was applied by using the Pearson´s Chi-square test.


75% of the pregnant women could not report which pathologies were to be screened, 16.3% reported that the diseases detected by Guthrie test had etiology genetic, 82% mentioned it was necessary to have more information on Guthrie test, 60% referred the necessity on focusing which diseases to be diagnosed. Only 36% of the pregnant women indicated the correct period (3rd to 7th day of the newborn life) for exam collecting. An average of 50% of the participants did not know about this prenatal test.


pregnant women showed a low understanding regarding the test; there was a lack of understanding about prenatal matters. The nursing personnel play an important role in this stage to demonstrate their abilities in health education.

Key words:
Neonatal screening; Prenatal care; Neonatal nursing

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